SYMPOSIUM I: Nanoscience
This Symposium is focused on theoretical and computational (modeling) aspects of Nano.
The symposium collects also contributions aiming to a better understanding of the structure and properties of nanomaterials.
• Theoretical aspects in NANO. Quantum and surface effects in nanomaterials
• Carbon based Nanomaterials
• Nanoparticles & Nanofibres
• Ultra-thin films and nanocoatings: structure and properties
• Patterned, nanostructures, and nanoconfined materials
• Nanocomposites
• Interacting nanomaterials (magnetic nanomaterials, conducting nanomaterials, ferroelectric nanomaterials, piezoelectric materials, multiferroic materials, coupled nanomaterials)
• Self-assembly at nanometer scale
• Phase transitions in nanomaterials and nanostructures
• Nanomaterials in extreme environments (nuclear plants, space environment)
• Modeling and simulations of physical and chemical properties
• Tribology and Lubrication Science

SYMPOSIUM II: Nanotechnologies
This Symposium is focused on the synthesis and processing of nanomaterials and related topics.
• Atomic/Molecular techniques for atom/molecules growth and organization
• Advanced technologies for the submicron patterning of materials
• Nanomanufacturing and advanced Nanometrology
• New techniques in the dispersion of nanometer-sized particles
• Enhanced technologies to produce nanomaterials at laboratory and industrial scales  

SYMPOSIUM III: NanoEngineering
This Symposium is focused on the applications of nanomaterials.
• Nanomaterials for energy harvesting, storage, and conversion applications
• Nanocatalysis
• NEMS and Nanofluidics
• Nanoporous materials
• Adhesion and self-cleaning
• Nanoscale Sensors (including biosensors)  

This Symposium collects original contributions related to nanobiology, nanomedicine, nanotoxicity, environmental effects of nanomaterials, including related economic aspects.
• The cell and the Nano
• Drug delivery
• Biomaterials and Biomarkers
• Diagnostics & Imaging
• Degradation Processes in Nanomaterials
• Environmental effects and degradation of nanomaterials
• Medical hazards and toxicity of nanomaterials. Nanosafety
• Commercialization of Nanotechnology
• Societal aspects of nanoscience, nanoengineering, and nanotechnologies